Catalina Valriu is Bachelor of Arts (honors degree 1983) and PhD in Catalan Philology (1992) by the UIB. She works on I+D research projects on oral literature in collaboration with the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, in projects on literature for children and young adults, with the LIJMI team of the University of Santiago de Compostela. She is a member of the European Research Group on Oral Narrative (ERGON/GRENO) and of the Group of Ethnopoetic Studies (IEC), of which she has been Director (2007-2013). She is currently Deputy Director of the Department of Catalan Philology (of which she has also been Secretary), Director of the Balearic Islands Ethnopoetic Research Group (GREIB), Member of the Catalan Society of Language and Literature (SCLL-IEC) and member of the Board of Directors of the journal Llengua & Literatura. Her lines of research are oral literature, especially legends and folk tales, and books for children and young people. She has been teaching undergraduate and master’s degrees on these topics and has published some twenty books and nearly a hundred articles and lectures. Her research in the field of children’s literature has been awarded the X Prize Aurora Díaz-Plaja. She is also a writer, storyteller and regular contributor in the media so as to disseminate traditional folk literature, local customs and books for children. Her most recent books include studies of great legendary figures: Jaume I, a historical hero, a legendary hero (2008); St. Vincent Ferrer, history, legend and devotion (2010); El Comte Mal, between history and legend (2013) and a study on Children’s Literature and Literature for Children and Young People in Catalan (2013), as well as the two extensive collections of articles: Paraula Viva; Articles on oral literature (2008) and Shared Imaginary; Studies on literature for children and young adults (2010) and the chapter titled ‘ The Folk Tale ‘ in the collective work Tradicionari, encyclopedia of popular Catalan culture (2010). Currently, she is directing four doctoral theses and works on the legends linked to the Ramon Llull.